We're an active congregation in Poynette, Wisconsin


At Poynette Inch United Methodist Church, we have services for all. In addition to our traditional services held each Sunday, we have the following services and activities:

Church Education

Wednesday Night Church School (WNCS) and FUEL programs are for children aged 4K through 8th grade of members and non-members. Activities typically run through the school year, with breaks over the holidays. Confirmation classes are also available for 8th grade students. For more information, please contact Michele Koopmans at 608.225.4305 or michele.koopmans@gmail.com

Food Pantry

** Check Announcements above for special instructions regarding COVID-19 **

Our church supports the PAD Food Pantry that serves the village of Poynette, Arlington and Dekorra areas. The PAD is open on Tuesdays at 1-3pm and Thursdays from 5-7pm at the Poynette Village Hall at 106 Main Street. Details about the PAD and other pantries in the area can be found at the Poynette Village's website food pantry section. Items are always in need. For information on donations please contact Ruth Ann Waugh at 608.316.0563 or through email poynettefoodpantry@gmail.com

Prayer Requests

Contact Pastor Michele at 608.370.4216 or pastor.michele.hopp@gmail.com for prayer needs or to arrange a visit.

Wedding and Funeral

Church facilities are available for services upon request Please contact Pastor Michele or one of our trustees for details and scheduling.


Finance Chairperson

Debi Morgan
P: 608.279.9354
E: debi.morgan.dm@gmail.com

Education Team Chairperson

Michele Koopmans
M: 608.225.4305
E: michele.koopmans@gmail.com

Worship Committee Chairperson

Gordon Dunn
P: 608.635.2336
E: rldorgnd@centurytel.net

Trustee Chairperson

Mel Waugh
P: 608.635.4167
E: ruthannwaugh@aol.com

Membership Chairperson

Jan Gardener
P: 608.742.4494
E: jmgardener3@frontier.com


Pastor Michele Hopp
M: 608.370.4216
E: pastor.michele.hopp@gmail.com

Music Director



402 South Main Street
Poynette, WI 53955
P: 608.635.2424
E: poynetteinchumc1@gmail.com

Worship Materials

Materials for: 3/29/2020

Materials for: 3/22/2020